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Our extensive range of stillage products ensure we will always have a solution for your business. With over 40 years industry experience and 30 standard stillage designs our range is utilised in industries as diverse as; Automotive, Plastics, Security, Logistics, Warehousing, Recycling, Clothing Manufacturers, Mail Distributors, Printers, Importers and Exporters. With products of different dimensions and suited to different purposes, Cevol Industries endeavour to supply solutions for every industry. Our cost-effective solutions are what makes us industry leaders in this field. Contact us now for a tailored solution for your business.

Benefits of Cevol Stillage Products

Our stillage products are a perfect solution to keep your goods protected in transport and storage. With the ability to stack the stillage you can pack and transport goods using less floor space and also save money on return freight with the easy fold solutions, this also comes in handy when storing the stillage when not in use. Buying stillage products from Cevol Industries also comes with many benefits such as the low cost solutions due to our robotic manufacturing sister company Colin Love & CO Pty Ltd who manufacture assemble and distribute the stillages to our Cevol Industries locations across Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. This allows distribution of stillages for purchase to be cost effective for our clients and easily accessible. 

Quality is the focus of the design and manufacturing of the Cevol Industries Stillage range and Health and Safety, ease of handling and product protection in storage and transport are all aspects of this focus in quality control. With every design tested and approved to ensure safety, reliability, and durability we can assure every stillage is supplied to our clients with the best quality and service. With that said, maintenance of the stillages are also a high priority and although designed to be low maintenance solutions sometimes damages to the stillages are not preventable and so we ask our clients to maintain contact and contact us for repair or replacement solutions for any damaged units. 

What is a Stillage?

A stillage is similar to a pallet or skid but built with sides, these can be a wire mesh, steel cage, solid side or simply supports specifically designed for the cargo the stillage stores. A stillage is commonly designed and manufactured using steel for durability and reusability. Steel stillages are designed to be stacked and in most cases also can fold for storage when not in use. Cevol stillages are used for the safe storage of goods in warehouses and factories along with the transportation of goods.
Stillages are usually designed and manufactured to suit a specific product to reduce the space the product takes up in storage and transport, this also helps reduce time in loading and unloading the goods because it is safely packed into the pallet stillage and transported easily with Cevol’s 4-way forklift access design.  

Cevol stillages can include features such as half drop front gates, non-removable parts for loss prevention, Security lids, open when stacked access, stencilled with company logos and numbering, plastic liners and 4-way lifting access. Stackable stillages maximise floor space in storage and transport reducing overall costs in the logistics of those goods. Stackable stallage units benefit businesses by keeping their floor space clear and organised making it easy to locate goods. Stackable stillage units also have the same benefits which is why Cevol have designed and manufactured the stillage range to be safely stacked in storage and transport.

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