Stackable Steel Pallets and Cages for commercial use
Supplying quality Steel Pallets & Stillages around Australia for over 40 years
Custom made Steel Wire Cages, commercial grade
With over 30 different types of steel pallets for hire Australia wide
Stackable Steel Pallets and Cages for storage & warehousing
If you have specific needs please talk to us as we are sure we can help you with you unique requirements
Custom Security Wire Steel Cages for commercial use
We provide custom-made pallets and dedicated stillage specifically design for our individual customer needs.

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Steel Mesh Pallet with half drop front gate.
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Welcome to Cevol Pallet Hire

Cevol Industries Pty Ltd is the leading steel pallet hiring business, having been in operation since 1978. We are proudly Australian-owned and continue to provide pallet cage and stillage hire throughout Australia. This extensive product range of stillages and cages includes folding pallets, fixed pallets, sheet pallets, mesh pallets, bulk pallets, versatile pallets, storage cages, stackable racks and custom made pallets. 

Formed by Colin Love Snr, Cevol Industries Pty Ltd was initially named as Colin Love and Co Pty Ltd. After many years of steel fabrication in a warehouse in Mentone, Victoria, it became apparent to Colin that many companies saw the advantage of hiring, with no capital outlay, full tax deduction, combined with the flexibility of supply.

At Cevol we work hard to maintain our reputation as one of Australia’s leading suppliers for quality stillage and caged pallet hire, servicing a range of industries from one side of the country to the other.

Stackable Steel Pallets and Cages for commercial use

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When Cevol Industries was first formed, the intention was to offer for hire standard pallets with no variations. After 40 years, we now have over 30 styles of pallets in our standard range, which still includes our original SM.1 type pallet.

Our qualified and experience team works hard to ensure that each of our valued customers find a steel pallet cage or pallet stillage that will stand up to the needs and demands of their industry or project.

Whether you’re after an affordable solution for commercial transportation or storage, we have the right product for you. We supply versatile and easy to use stillages and pallet cages that will stand up to years of constant use without any compromise in strength, structural integrity or reliability.

We are now the largest manufacturer of steels pallets in Australia, and our range has been utilised in industries as diverse as Automotive, Plastics, Security, Logistics, Warehousing, Recycling, Clothing manufacturers, Mail Distributors, Printers, Importers and Exporters to name a few.

Get the job done with the right pallets and stillages

When it comes to pallet suppliers in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Brisbane, there’s simply no looking past Cevol Industries. As the leading materials handling and logistics experts in Australia, you can depend on our products to withstand any challenge.

With our range of sturdy and durable metal pallet cages and stillages Melbourne-based and Australia-wide businesses can invest in a product that will provide them with years of reliable service.

When it comes to pallets and stillages there is no one more experienced or trusted than Cevol’s team of industry professionals. With decades of industry experience they have the knowledge and skill to help you find the right pallet or stillage options to suit your needs, with prices to accommodate any budget.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when looking to purchase pallets or stillage solutions. Low-quality products cause frustrating and expensive issues and are a potential safety risk. You want a product range that is built to last and made for fast-paced and demanding Australian industries. You want a Cevol.

Find the most suitable pallet for you by speaking to the team at Cevol Industries, regardless of whether you need pallets in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane. Alternatively, we can create custom pallets to ensure you receive the best product for the task at hand. 


Pallets Cages Supplier and Manufacturer in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane

Today, both companies’ head offices are based in Braeside. With Colin Love and Co manufacturing pallets and stillages, as well as meeting the fabrication requirements of local businesses, and Cevol Industries hiring to over 1400 customers Australia wide, the company continues to provide vital products and services for industries throughout the nation.

Today, businesses and tradesmen can acquire our stillages and pallets in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Our vast range of pallets, metal stillages and cages can meet your every requirement. Alternatively, we can also meet your exact fabrication specifications, tailoring products to your every need.

Contact the Cevol team today on 1800 643 911 to learn more about why we’re the go-to name for affordable solutions for pallet cages in Perth, Brisbane and right across Australia.

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Cevol Industries have been the leaders in materials handling, pallet and stillage hire in Australia for over 40 years

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