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How to Choose the Best Steel Storage Cages For Your Needs

Businesses that warehouse quantities of material have a number of options for storage today. Industrial shelving systems are the most common solution, and you’ll find a number of different styles in use. Overhead racking is also fairly common. Both of these solutions aim to store material efficiently and safely. 

However, there’s a third option that’s gaining significant traction in warehouses and transit facilities around the globe, and in many ways, this newer storage system enjoys advantages over the previous technologies. We’re talking about steel storage cages, and they’re worth strong consideration if you’re in the market for a storage system.

What Are Steel Storage Cages?

Steel storage cages are unique because they can be made in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate nearly anything that needs storage, and then they can be stacked to store a large amount of material efficiently without the need for shelves or racks.

Steel cages are strong, capable storage devices that are easily manipulated and moved with standard forklifts, and they easily transition from a warehouse to transit, and back, all while keeping their contents safe and secure.

What Are The Benefits of Steel Cages?

Steel storage cages are quickly becoming the default storage method for businesses around the globe due to their significant advantages.

Strong but Lightweight

Relative to their strength, steel cages are lightweight and resilient. This is an excellent combination when considering storage options that require frequent manipulation. This also makes them excellent candidates for stacked operations, due to their ideal weight to strength ratio.

Sturdy Designs

Steel cages provide maximum protection for delicate materials or materials for which spillage or damage could be a danger to workers. They protect against forklift accidents and other accidental damage events. They won’t bend or break under the weight of other cages (as long as stacking limits are observed) so you can safely store a variety of materials.

Easy Placement

Steel storage cages are made in a number of uniform sizes and shapes, which means stacking them is a simple operation. There’s never a chance that they won’t fit properly. Even custom sizes can be designed to fit together.
Efficient Space Management.

Unlike shelving units and overhead racks, which are permanently fixed in one location once installed, stacked storage cages can be placed anywhere. That means your warehouse layout can shift when needed. Moving shelving units is an expensive, invasive procedure, but moving steel storage cages is as easy as moving them with a forklift.

Also, many steel cage designs can be opened while stacked, which means warehouse operations can have access to needed materials without the need to unstack. Plus, many styles are collapsible, which means they can be folded and stored out of the way when not in use.

Easy to Move

As mentioned, steel storage cages are forklift compatible, so it’s an easy procedure to stack and unstack them and move them from one location to another. Even shipping between warehouses is made simple.

A Variety of Styles

Depending on what needs storing, there is a steel cage that will fit it. You can get metal mesh cages or solid panel designs. Some have metal bases, while others are made to affix to wood pallets. Many will stack, while others can be used on standard shelves, if necessary. And, of course, custom designs can be manufactured to suit any need. If you’d like more information about steel storage cages manufactured by Cevol, a leader in the industry, call us 1800 643 911 if you have any questions.

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