Mesh Steel Pallet with 1 barn door gate & fixed Steel Mesh lid

Cages for gas cylinders

Our wide range of gas cylinder storage and transport solutions are specifically designed with Australian standard dangerous goods storage regulations and are fully compliant. Our gas cylinder storage and stillage products are great for keeping gas cylinders safe for sale or hire, exchange gas cylinder, and gas cylinder storage. Well ventilated lockable wire cages for gas cylinders are the perfect secure storage solution for businesses such as service stations, camping stores, gas cylinder exchange depots and warehouses needing gas cylinder storage solutions.

Safety is our priority, which is why every one of our designs undergoes extensive testing to ensure the cargo the cage, pallet or stillage holds is kepts safe and secure. Using compliance guidelines for dangerous good storage and handling ensures safety and durability for all our gas cylinder storage cages. If you have a specific size and features you require which is outside of our standard range fell free to contact us with an enquiry as we facilitate custom designs for hire and sale at great prices.  

Mesh Steel Pallet with Shelves & 2 barn door gate & fixed Steel Mesh lid
Custom Security Wire Steel Cages for commercial use
Mesh Steel Pallet with 1 barn door gate & fixed Steel Mesh lid

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