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Benefits and Use of Stackable Wire Mesh Pallet Cages

There’s a nearly infinite variety of objects that need to be shipped, transported, and stored in warehouses. For many of these, standard wood pallets are adequate, providing enough support, both in transit and in storage.

However, there’s a wide range of products that need extra protection, or that simply don’t fit well on standard pallets. In these situations and others, stackable wire mesh pallet cages are a much better solution.

What Are Wire Mesh Pallet Cages?

They’re different from standard pallets, which are simply rough wooden platforms on top of which products are stacked. Wire mesh pallet cages, also known as steel stillages, have four sides and a top, to fully enclose products during shipping and storage.

Like flat pallets, stillages are made to be carried and manipulated with forklifts. Some pallet cages have no bottom and are designed to be mounted on standard wooden pallets, while others are fully enclosed steel mesh cages.

Wire mesh pallet cages allow operators to see what’s contained inside the stillage while still offering maximum support and protection.

What Are the Benefits to Using Stackable Wire Mesh Pallet Cages?

They’re the perfect choice for products that are difficult to stack properly on a standard flat pallet, or for those that require total containment due to safety or protection requirements.

Products Are Fully Contained

During shipping, steel stillages remove the possibility of stacked products tipping over and being damaged. This can be critical for products that also pose a safety risk for workers if the objects were to be badly disturbed during transit. Pallet cages keep products and people safe.

Steel Stillages Are Extremely Durable

Pallet cages are available in other materials, such as wood and plastic, but neither of these is remotely as durable as steel. Steel cages resist crushing damage and damage from forklift accidents. For sensitive materials that require maximum protection, wire mesh pallet cages are the clear choice.

Security is Enhanced

When products are shipped on flat pallets, they’re vulnerable to theft and tampering. Wire mesh pallet cages offer extra protection. They can include locks and other security features to keep products where they belong.

Stacked Cages Maximize Space Without Requiring Racks

Flat wooden pallets require large, expensive, and generally permanent racking systems to be installed in order for large numbers to be efficiently stored. This is because flat pallets can’t be stacked on top of each other.

Steel wire mesh pallet cages are made to be stacked one on the next. This allows for efficient use of shipping and storage space without the need for permanent racking. This keeps warehouse space fluid. Steel stillages can be stacked wherever there is room for them, and if placement needs to be reconfigured, it’s as easy as moving the pallet cages to a new location.

There are also many pallet cage styles that include doors and hatches. Designed to opened while stacked, these give ready access to products without requiring unstacking.

Custom Sizes Are Available

There is a wide range of prefab steel stillages to choose from, but they can also be custom-built to conform to specific needs. Bespoke cages can be wider or taller, with customized openings, sized to fit nearly anything that needs shipping or storage.

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