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Choosing the Right Steel Pallet Cage

If you regularly ship and store delicate, sensitive, or oddly-shaped products, you likely have the need for pallet cages, also called stillages. These cages are free-standing or mount on top of standard wooden pallets and provide wrap-around protection for the objects inside. 

With a pallet cage, you can safely move products around a warehouse or in transit without worrying about damage or spillage. There’s a wide range of sizes and shapes available, and sizes and designs can be customized to fit specific needs.

If you’re in the market for pallet cages, either for short term or long term storage, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the right stillage for your needs.

Things to Look for in a Pallet Cage

Rugged Construction

You can find pallet cages manufactured from wood and plastic, but these materials are limited in their applications. Stillage made from steel are much sturdier and offer maximum protection for your precious cargo. If you’re purchasing pallet cages, as opposed to renting, make sure to ask for galvanized steel, as this material will resist rust, protecting your investment.

Stackable Design

Choosing stillages with stackable feet allows you to ship and warehouse far more product in the same space without the need for shelving units. This saves you money and keeps your inventory portable — you can stack your pallets wherever you need them, and move them easily if need be. 

While stackability is important, make sure your cages are compatible with common shelving systems, too, in case you have the need to store them that way.

Forklift Compatibility

Most designs will include this, but it’s still worth confirming that the pallet cages you select are designed for use with forklifts. Those cages with a consistent four-way entry design will be suitable for use with all standard equipment.

Easy Storage

When your pallet cages aren’t in use, you’ll need to store them somewhere. For this reason, you want cages that can be folded up or dismantled easily for efficient storage. Look for designs that take very little effort to collapse. This speeds the process and increases overall safety.

Built-in Security

There are stillages available with a variety of tamper-resistant security measures built into their design. If you ship sensitive products, or if theft is a concern, look for designs that incorporate locks and other countermeasures to keep your cargo safe.

There are other considerations, but for most applications, using these guides will help you narrow down the best cage for your needs.

Once you have a sense for the pallet cage that’s right for you, take a look at Cevol’s full selection of products. We offer steel cages in a variety of styles, sizes, and functions.  You can get metal mesh and flat panels models, that fold or breakdown. Some have feet while other’s bolt onto standard wood pallets. Ask us about custom stillages as well. We can manufacture to your exact specifications. Call us 1800 643 911 if you have any questions

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