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Rugged construction

Fork entry all sides

Can be stored in racking

Fixed roof

May be used as security container

One barn door - lockable

Gates may be removed when loading

Provision for one shelf

Base Dimensions
1167 x 1167
Usable Space
1136 x 1136
Outside Feet
1167 x 1167
Overall Height
Inside Height
Load Capacity
1000kg per unit stacked 4 high
Cubic Capacity
Approx. Mass

Stillage Damage & Repairs

  • Damaged stillages should be assessed and if deemed to be unsafe, removed from circulation
  • Any time a stillage is removed from circulation, it should be reported to the relevant supervisor
  • Damaged or unsafe stillages are to be returned to Cevol Industries for proper assessment or repair

Operators Guide

Operators are not to exceed any of the design specifications listed above.
Each stillage hired out by Cevol Industries is in a safe usable condition, stenciled with the maximum capacity and stacking height.
Operators are to report any damaged stillage to their supervisor for assessment or return to Cevol Industries.

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