Are the stillages able to be painted our special colour?

Yes, they can be painted any colour of your choice, however, conditions do apply.

Are your Stillages an Australian Made Product?

Yes all our stillages, cages and pallets are Australian Made in Melbourne Australia using Australian Steel

Are your Stillages collapsable for storage when not in use?

Yes our Stillages are collapsable to help save space for storing when not in use. They easily fold down to become flat packed.

Are your Stillages Stackable?

Yes, our stillages & pallets with same base dimensions are inter-stackable making them perfect for warehouse storage, moving and transport of goods. All stillages with gates may be opened when stacked. 

Can I get my stillages delivered?

We only deliver pallets in Victoria, in other states (NSW & QLD) you will need to pick up and drop off the Stillages from the locations in those states. To view locations click here

Can someone come out and discuss what our business needs?

Absolutely, Our Cevol sales reps would be more than happy to visit you and help you out.

Can the stillages and pallets be picked up on any side by forklift or pallet jack?

Yes, they can be picked up by either method on all sides.

Can we purchase any of these stillages & cages?

Yes, you can purchase any of our stillages, pallets and cages or have us quote on your special custom requirement’s.

Can you make custom Steel Pallets?

Yes we do make custom steel pallets, cages and stillages for companies who have special requirements for storage of their products . Please call us to discuss your needs. 

Can you remove the gates on the pallets?

No, the gates on our stillages are not removable for your safety and loss prevention.

Do I have to hire the stillages for a certain time?

No you can hire them for as long as you like. However, if the time is under 13 weeks there is an extra charge. 

Do I have to return the stillages to the same state I pick up from?

Yes you do, this allows us to adjust your account for the required stillages you return for hire. This also allows us to control stock levels in each state helping us to supply local customers when and if needed.

Do I have to sign Guarantors?

No you don’t, however you will be charged an extra fee to hire the stillages or cages.

Do I need an account to hire stillages?

Yes everyone needs to open an account to hire Cevol Stillages. This way we can keep in touch and track our products in case we need to contact you.

Do I need to send the original forms back to Cevol once they are filled in?

Yes you do. Once the rep has approved the account forms, please send them back to Cevol to finalise the opening of your account.

Is there a minimum amount of stillages I can hire?

No of course not. You can hire as many as you like. If you need 1 or 1000 we can handle your requirements.

When hiring stillages how often do I get an invoice?

We charge monthly so you will receive an invoice at the end of each month, with 7 days to pay.

Where do you make your Stillages & Pallets?

All our products are made at our manufacturing plant in Melbourne Australia using high-quality Australian Steel. Being an Australian made product you can be assured we manufacture to the highest standards and have full quality control procedures in place.